Is raw food safe for dogs?

The short answer: yes.

Dogs are biologically carnivorous, and evolved to get all their nutrition from meats and organs of any animal they could get their teeth on. And all of it was raw.

In fact, dogs are able to eat meats with no ill effects that people would consider rotten, as their digestive system is especially acidic for just this reason. It’s why they can bury bones and eat them days or weeks later.

The main concern with raw feeding is salmonella exposure that occurs with modern chicken processing, but note that it's extremely rare for dogs to get ill from salmonella. You should take the same precautions with raw dog food as you do preparing meat for your own meals, e.g. keep it frozen until ready to use, thoroughly wash utensils, etc.

Are bones safe for dogs?

Raw, uncut bones are both safe and a natural treat for dogs, providing calcium and extra nutrition from marrow. Any chicken bone, and non-support pork, lamb or beef bones such as ribs are softer and preferred.

Also add to this list, whole turkey necks, pork and lamb neck bones, and beef neck bones for larger breed dogs.

Cooked bones are never safe. When cooked, bones become brittle and harder, which can be a choking hazard.

Likewise, the popular soup bones -- sliced beef femur bones, can get caught on dog's mouths in various ways. Vets unfortunately see this trauma regularly.

How is your packaging eco-friendly?

Most paper or plastic containers with food oils cannot be recycled, and are screened out of most recycling plants and sent to general trash. So we have chosen paper ice-cream type containers that are compostable. Some larger cities have curbside composting services, but for locations that don't, the containers decompose quickly in general trash.

Orders are shipped in a cardboard box with paper thermal insulation -- all recyclable, including the labels.

The only non-recyclable or compostable product is an unavoidable Mylar box liner that is essential to keeping the contents cold during shipping. We have provided a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the liner so it can be reused, helping to reduce waste and costs.

Can I order if I live outside of California?

Not yet. We hope to be able to expand our service area soon, but for now we need to keep deliveries within our home state to make sure the food stays fresh-frozen.