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Chicken Blend Raw Dog Food - Two-Week Supply

Chicken Blend Raw Dog Food - Two-Week Supply

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Select your dog's current, or ideal weight, from drop-down menu to find out the recommended daily serving. The resulting price is for a 2-week supply.

Your 2-week supply will be packaged to provide two meals a day, in containers custom-portioned to your pet's dietary needs.

Chicken recipe is a sustainability-minded blend of chicken, beef, and pork, with a 10% nutrient-rich mix of offal including liver, heart and spleen (dogs loves this!).

Vegetables and fruits (for vitamins and minerals) include "super-foods" sweet potato, peas, kale, and blueberries. And for skin and coat, cod liver fish oil. 

Additionally, each order comes with one raw pork rib bone per week, that all dogs love--or at least, most dogs.


Shipping is a flat rate of $7 per order, and some smaller orders can be combined.